Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's All In One's Perspective

9:00 a.m., late March, 34 degrees, the beautiful sun is shining casting long shadows on the barren ground, birds singing and tree limbs moving to a slight breeze.

What part of that description grabs you?

Sadly, if you look on any social media site, the part of that description most would pick up on is the 34 degrees. One status after another would wonder 'where is spring?' or complain about the ground hog's prediction last month.

Where is the beauty in complaining? Where is the joy? Do I complain? You bet. I'm I saying no one should complain when life is really the pits? We are human. We need to vent, complain, yell, scream and cry. It's okay. However, there is a time after we express our feelings that we need to look outside of our situation.

Lately, I've been trying my hardest to find out what is really important. What makes a difference. How I can be a better person. And, do you know what? It is really hard to be that kind of person.

For in searching, one finds truth. In truth one finds a responsibility. In responsibility there is a form of action. In action I, personally, find a bit of fear. And, in fear I find many 'what if's'.

What am I doing in my life that is making a difference in any one's life or the world for that matter? For instance, sitting at my desk in my warm home tapping on the keyboard to create words I wonder if anyone reads. And, if someone does read this, is it making a difference in their life? Or am I wasting time. Then I begin to wonder why I'm so concerned if anyone reads these many letters that form words.

As I read the following words yesterday, my heart cried out in agreement:
Some of you write in quiet spaces with words you don’t think anyone reads, but you keep writing because writing makes you come alive. And I cheer you on because you’re doing what you love, you’re pushing through and finding your voice and sharing your words as an offering.  ~~   Emily at Chatting at the Sky
An offering I pray is holy and pleasing to God. I know I fail in this responsibility many, many times. Typing words in frustration only to show a person who is a work in progress. And I hope it resonates with you as we are all on this journey together.
I hope you see something human here, something hopeful, something that calls courage out from places within you that maybe you forgot were there, something that resonates with you as a person. I hope you see something here that reminds you that you’re not alone.   ~~ Emily at Chatting at the Sky 
Deep in my soul, I know God is working on me. I know there is something rumbling to bubble to the surface. I have a feeling I know what it is, yet, I don't. Certain things enter my mind and heart and won't go away, won't be pressed down. Yet, I don't know what to 'do'. Isn't it funny how I tend to think I have to 'do' when perhaps I'm to 'wait' and pray?

15 minutes later and it is still 34 degrees. The sun is still shining. I have a roof over my head. I have a coat to wear. I have a car to get me to work and back. I have the freedom to attend a church of my choice this Sunday to celebrate our risen Lord. I have an embarrassingly-blessed life. Why should I complain?
Only a blanket and flip-flops & hat
to keep him warm in the coldest
winter in the jungle in years.

I am trying to think on these things when I get caught up in my problems, my issues and my complaints: Around the world there are heartaches. There are women and children, both in our backyards and around the world, who are treated like trash. There are families living on the streets, under bridges, in tent cities, in jungles where it has been the coldest winter in years. There are others who are ill, in constant pain, or saying final goodbyes to friends and family.
So happy to receive a blanket to keep her family warm.

My problems? So, so small. My dancer daughter brought to my attention my complaints the other day as "first world problems". She has witnesses problems in third world countries. I try to remember how embarrassingly-blessed I really am on this side of the world. Will I always remember these things as I go through everyday life? Probably not but I am sure going to try.

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  1. Beautifully written and expressed. You pull on heartstrings at the embarrasingly blessed life! You certainly do touch on what is most important and I see you consistently living it out! ~ Lisa Rupp