Friday, March 15, 2013

But What Can I Do?

Dancer Daughter has returned from her season with a mission group. Six months of living with people who have become her second family. It is bitter sweet for her. She has grown to love her second family. It is hard. But, she'll survive. Text, facebook, Skype, reunions already being planned. Technology is a wonderful thing.

The graduation ceremony was filled with praise songs, original songs written by a few after what they witnessed, dances set to songs about slavery, poems, videos and pictures. Very emotional as the students shared from their hearts. One sentence out of a video shown about a part of the third world country he was sent to do outreach has stuck with me.  "Everyone here knows the drink Coca-Cola but they do not know who Jesus is..."

I am filled with mixed emotions for our girl. First at her home away from home when good-byes were being said after graduation. Since she didn't know where we were parked and it was too dark to find our vehicle easily, I stayed in the building to wait for her to finish with good-byes. At first I stayed on an enclosed 'porch' to give her some space but it got too cold. So, I moved inside where she was giving and receiving hugs. I may or may not have had a lump in my throat as I watched the scene unfold. It was emotional as it always is with good-byes. I love having her home. But,I know this time at home is only for a period of time. As it is with our oldest daughter one day as well. They grow. They move on. T'is the blessing/curse of growing up and of parenthood.

Two months out of the six found her in three countries loving women and children at risk. Human trafficking became heavy on my heart as I learned more and more over this time period and in the time since. My heart broke for women and little girls exposed to things we can't even imagine. I didn't experience this tragedy called human trafficking first hand but the stories are embedded in my mind and heart. So much so, I can't seem to shake it. I tear up now as I type just thinking about little children lying beside their mothers in a brothel while a strange man lays beside them.

Human trafficking is not only happening in "other" countries, it is happening in our backyards. Slavery never ended like our history books like to say. Human trafficking is happening today. Tomorrow and each day after that unless we do something. But what? How?

Where is the hope? Where is God? Yes, I just asked that. We are His hands and feet (as old as that cliche' is it is true) to show them Jesus. And, we are human. Humans with many flaws. Sometimes we think we know more than God. That is when we get into trouble. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for; the conviction of the unseen (Hebrews 11:1) Prayer, faith and those going forth in the name of Jesus to make Him known to everyone. Aren't those a few of the foundation of our faith in a loving God? God knows what is happening. God aches for all people. The rich, the poor and the enslaved. God will help them; that is faith. And, that is what I am holding on to in the moment.

Please watch this video as our daughter and a few others share the realities of children at risk.

If you'd like to watch more videos like the above click here.

Will you join me in prayer?

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  1. What a powerful video! And such a heartbreaking reality.