Saturday, January 26, 2013


A deep sigh found its way to open air as I glared at the desk. The last time our desk looked this horrific I told myself, and the hubs, we are never, ever going to let this happen again.

It happened again.

One enormous pile of papers on one side followed by a smaller stack on the opposite side. Trouble is, I knew what was in those piles, and if I had to find something, I basically knew where in the pile to hunt. This enormous pile was beginning to fall over. I needed to do something. I needed to find a home for said papers. So, I sighed deeply and dug in.

The one pile of papers became almost ten piles (including a trash can) on the floor. As I swiveled in my chair adding to piles so organization could be the end product and all the papers could have a home, I noticed how compartmentalized the one main pile had become.

It reminded me of a message a mentor spoke over a group of young dancers many years ago. Sometimes we separate (compartmentalize) our lives in such a way we do not invite God into each part of our life. We, as Christians, need God in every aspect of our life. If you participate in soccer, remember it is God who gave you the ability. If it is dance, dance for God and God alone. If it is work, God is your ultimate "boss". Acknowledge God in all aspects of your life. You'll be better for it.

Praise God in the good. Praise God in the bad...even though it is hard. Don't place God in a corner and just dust Him off when you need something.

As I place papers in files and ultimately in the filing cabinet, I need to remember God is in everything. He is to be praised. He wants a relationship with me when I'm at work, at home, driving the "taxi", out with friends. He wants me to see Him in everything.

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