Wednesday, January 16, 2013

His Smile

The moment he came in to the room, I noticed. His boyish grin and curly blond hair grabbed me and our eyes locked. He grinned shyly as his chin dipped low and watched me through long curly eyelashes. We just met and he stole my heart. I couldn't help smiling back even though he was with another woman.

The waiting room was filled with people older than he. He grinned at those who dared to look his way but never said a word. He nestled into arms wrapped around him when mother and toddler settled in the perfect spot. Content on watching the world around him from the island of safety, he was in a little piece of heaven on earth.

His mother soon pulled her vibrating cell phone out of her pocket. The smiling boy was gone as soon as he saw her phone. Eyebrows puckered as he watched her type out a reply. Scowling, he looked at the phone then his mother. Soon his mother concluded her text conversation. His eyebrows smoothed and he was soon smiling again. Smiling and flirting with me and his mom.

Several times the scenario happened. Each time his eyebrows puckered at the sight of the phone. Each time his smile returned as the cell phone was returned to its rightful location.

The door opened and a happy nurse called the toddler and his mother to the examination room. I never saw him again but he made a huge impact.

Later in the evening I had a few moments to reflect on what I witnessed that morning at the doctor's office. It reminded me of the many distractions I have in my life. The moment I sit down to read God's Word or pray I get distracted. I have dishes, laundry, supper to cook, or I'm just too tired and turn on the television to numb my mind.

Imagine God getting ready to 'sit' down with me only to find my mind and attention is elsewhere. I saw God's possible reaction through the toddler. Each time his mother was distracted by her cell phone (which was only a few times), the toddler was not happy but never voiced his displeasure. He just patiently waited until the distraction was returned to her pocket.

So I wonder. Is God looking at the distraction (and me) like the little boy looked at the cell phone? I imagine His look of contentment when I finally focus on my God and my King like the little boy looked at his mother with a smile silently stating all was right in the world.

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