Monday, March 26, 2012


Trust me.
Follow this link by clicking here.
Go on. Go read and watch; I'll wait for you.
But, hurry back because we need to talk about this.

[Insert your favorite waiting music. Oh, you want to know my favorite waiting music?
Well, aren't you sweet for asking. It is the music at the end of Jeopardy when they are
playing final Jeopardy. You have that song stuck in your head now don't you..... ☺]

Are you back? Hello?! Was that video great or what?! And that kid. Wowzers!
Did you cry? Yeah, me too. Oh, back-stories do it to me every time. But, I can relate to this kid.
Oh, how I can relate. Chubby, picked on, made fun of, no confidence...wowzers [again]!!!

But I just loved, loved, loved author and author of the blog, Jenny B Jones, final paragraph.
Let me just quote it here so we can share this moment together:

"Though it’s easy to think otherwise, I believe this is how God sees us. He’s that proud. That in love with who we are and what we’re capable of. He’s laughing and clapping and giving us a standing O. Because you are good. And you are worthy." Jenny B Jones

Go ahead, read that again.
Anointed words. Wow.

How often do we, in our busyness of life, forget the One who gave us life is right beside us. Cheer us on. Laughing with joy. Clapping like no ones ever clapped before. We are His. He is this proud papa rooting for His children. And, imagine the look in His eyes. Can you see His eyes full of love? Hard to imagine, isn't it. But, I think it is something we need to remember and imagine more often. When we feel like a failure. When we've had a rotten day.

The Divine Dance by Shannon Primicerio comes to mind when I read the above quote. If you are as touched by the quote above as I am, go read Shannon's book. It is geared to the teen girl crowd but you'll definitely get something out of it if you are an adult.

And, don't forget to go give Jenny B Jones some love. She has books that I've read 2x. Yup, that good, people. You can find her books on her blog.

Remember, God is cheering us on. Clapping, whistling, encouraging...He knows you can do anything when you trust and rely on Him.

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  1. I heard this guy earlier today. Amazing isn't he? Beautiful voice! Makes those shows worth watching!