Friday, September 30, 2011

Pink Tinted Glasses

Playful puppies and kittens. Sun shining brightly each and every day. Dancing down the sidewalk with an orchastra playing in the background because things just always work out for you. Birds weaving a silk.....shreeechh!

Ah, life through rose colored glasses!

Reality. Sure, we could have all those things above but it doesn't take away the painful truth of life. Life stinks sometimes. I was reminded of that today.

Miscarriages suffered by people we know. One already had a surgery to rid her body of a baby without a heartbeat. One had surgery this morning and, depending on the outcome, may never be able to have another child.

Depression. The silent disease. The one others think one can 'snap out of'. The one that others think one should just have a little more faith. The one that is not understood. The one that brings to mind of suicide.

Cancer. Oh, the handful of those we know with cancer. Some still fighting, some who have lost their fight and other who won the fight. Or those with chronic diseases that we don't see them struggling with because their bodies are fighting them on the inside.

But in the midst of all of this, a new grandchild has been born into a family we know. And, life goes on as usual around us as people fight cancer, a chronic illness or depression.

I know we can't go around with rose colored glasses every minute of the day. Think about it. We live in a fallen world. God didn't say we'd have a life of bliss after we follow Him. But He did give us hope in our trials. I'm certain God is with all those people we know going through a hard time. He is crying with them and hold them tighter than I ever could.

I hurt when people hurt. My heart is heavy now and I've prayed a lot today. But, I also need to put on my pink tinted glasses and see the world as it was meant to be seen. Yes, a caring heart for those who hurt but also see the joy God has given us.

The joy of laughter coming from your children. The joy of the sunshine after many days of rain. The joy of those who have won their long battle with cancer or any other illness. The joy of just getting up in the morning and having another day to 'start over'. [list could go on and on]

Hurts, yes. But, oh, the joy is there. Sometimes we just need to slip on our pink tinted glasses and remember to look.

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