Sunday, September 4, 2011

I'm here...I think

The last few weeks I've been quiet here. I've had a visitor to contend with. I've tried to ignore him but he persists on letting his presence known from time to time.

His name is Jabez.

Not the Jabez from the Bible. We just adopted his name because the meaning of Jabez is so perfect.

Jabez is my 6mm kidney stone [for those most fortunate souls who have never experienced a stone...and pray you never do...that is big]. Jabez means 'painful'.

Jabez is comfortable in my kidney....again. Let's just say I had surgery to grab him and he retreated back into the kidney [coward!] Later this week I will have him blasted to pieces. Yay [said with lots of hand clapping]!!!!!!!

This has brought me to reflect on a few things about my life. Things like, why everything seems to need to be so complicated. I really don't strive for or like drama. But, it happens, people, it happens. In fact, a woman I know had a stone a week after my trip to the ER and two days later, her 2mm smaller stone was gone and that was that. While I was thrilled for her, I struggled with jealousy.

Jealousy is a hard thing. It is hard when you feel like everyone has it easier than you. Everyone doesn't have your troubles. Everything is easier for everyone else. Everything that happens to me costs so much we don't have...while everything is easier for everyone else. [insert the "cheese with that whine"!] Wow, quite embarrasing, huh? My "problem" isn't even that big.

Then [a few weeks later...I'm a slow learner] I slap myself silly and remember, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord.....". And, while I don't particularly care for the plans right now, I know He has everything under control. "God will meet all [my] needs..." yes, all. God is big enough to "cast all [my] cares on" because He "cares for [me]". And, yes, I will "give thanks in everything"! Positive attitude and's what the world needs!

Verses used in the last paragraph as follows:
Jeremiah 29:11
Philippians 4:19
1 Peter 5:7
1 Thess 5:18

Are you going through something and feel alone or jealous of everyone else? Hold on to Jesus...He is holding you!

Don't hold me responsible when you can't get this song out of your head or it is on constant repeat! Love this song!

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