Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shout out... friends.

Almost all of us have them.

Whether a mom, an aunt, a boy, a girl, a sister or brother, a mentor.

It isn't someone who you necessarily see or talk to every day.

It isn't someone who has to be your same age.

Those friends you thought you'd always be friends with from high school? You'll be lucky if you have one of those same friends by the time you are 20. Sad, but true.

There will be seasonal friends who come in your life at the right moment. Then, you slowly loose touch later on.

Friends come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds.

What is really important in a friend is loyalty, trustworthiness, ability to listen, and just plain being there.

It is someone you'd do anything for...within the legal aspects of the law...

Friends don't hold all the answers (only God does).

But, God certainly can whisper words of wisdom to a friend when offering advice.

Go to God first but remember a true friend is always there to listen to those sobbing moments in your life.

May you have wonderful friends.

And, may you become and be a wonderful friend to others.

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