Sunday, April 10, 2011

For Real

I just finished the book Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.

It is good people, real good.

I laughed.
I cried.
I had holy goosebumps.
I'd say that means it is a well rounded book! ☺

I've read books before about Heaven from adult experiences. And to tell you the truth, I had a hard time believing some of the words written. I guess coming from adults, it is hard for me not to be cynical.

But, this was a 3 year old (almost 4) boy telling his parents things that are impossible for a 3 year old to know. At first the dad, who is also a pastor, kept thinking his son's Sunday School teachers were doing a superb job! However, as the son slowly begins to share information over a number of years with his mom and dad, it is extremely convincing that the little boy did spend some time in Heaven.

I have to admit there were times in the beginning of the book I questioned whether the parents were making this up. But as I read more and more, that thought was quickly pushed out of my head. There are scriptures to back up things the little boy said...scriptures a little boy of 3 or 4 would not understand nor be able to read for himself. And there are other people who witnessed him talking about when he was with Jesus. I don't want to give any of the book away but there are so many convincing statements.

Dancer daughter read the book first. She read it one Sunday afternoon. All of it. In one sitting. This is not normal.

It was a borrowed book so I knew I needed to read it before the following Sunday to get it back to my friend. I read it over a two day span...but ONLY because I had to keep getting up to do things... you know, like the laundry, dishes, make phone things.

I highly, highly recommend this book. If it isn't in your church library or local library, check it out here at amazon or another online store you like. It is worth the time to read it and the money to purchase.

Here is a video clip of the family on the Today show in March.

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