Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking a Walk...

...down memory lane.

For some reason, I have become nostalgic recently. (I'm blaming it on a movie I watched about a child growing up...yeah that's it, I'm blaming it on that!)

I went to Writer Daughter's (now aka Cos Daughter) first blog and went all the way back to her first posts. Talk about a walk down memory lane!

As I started from the bottom (her first ever post) and scrolled up, it was like I was living in the past. I remember walking with her through those times. I remember her getting overwhelmed with everything that was starting to happen with her writing. Praying for her as she attended her first writers' conference all by herself. Then listening to her excitement on the way home. She learned so much and She Speaks was such a wonderful experience for her.

I, also, read parts of stories she posted on her blog. Parts of Christian Writers' Guild assignments, a writing from one night out at the campfire and so much more! I'm sorry if this seems I'm bragging or going on and on...

Point is, she had a big, God-size dream. She was working toward a goal and a dream. Everything was falling into place. But reality strikes now and then. One really can't make a living off of just writing. Some do and that is great and admirable. But the majority...nope.

Another passion God placed into her life was cosmetology. She wants people to see their beauty on the inside and outside. She is in cosmetology school right now working toward that goal.

One of her biggest fears was not having the time to write. It came true this year. The school she attends is intense. I compare it to having a full time job then coming home to study and finish homework. And where does that leave her other passion, writing?

I had a dream once. But I never "went for it". As parents, we want the world for our children. I just don't want her to give up on her dream if it is still her dream (which from what she says, is). Writer Daughter was told by a published author, who took time off from writing, that God used that time to grow her. I was also reminded by Bonita in this post sometimes there is a season of "wait" when there isn't time to write. I know there is growth in waiting. Why do I fret?

Why do I 'worry' that she'll give up on her dream? I don't know either. I mean is between her and God. But, then that mom thing happens to me....I just want her to fly and soar to her fullest potential. You know what? She is. She has grown during cosmetology school. She makes me feel beautiful when she "does" my hair. She tells of clients who really like her and rebook with her even though she is still learning. But, most importantly, she is following God's leading in her life.

God's timing is not my timing or my daughter's timing. It is HIS timing. I'm *cough, cough* years old and still learning that God knows best.

Sigh, why am I such a slow learner?! ☺

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