Monday, November 29, 2010

♪God is Love♫

Do you know that song? The official title is "Come Let Us All Unite To Sing".

Growing up in church, we sang the song a lot. A. Lot. I don't remember the words to most of the verses but I do remember the chorus. "God is Love".

Yesterday, our first Advent sermon was on Love. Even the love chapter (I Cor 13) was read along with many other love verses.

Yesterday afternoon I needed to prepare for a meeting with my youth in the mentor program we have through church. We decided last summer we would study a book called Being A Girl Who Loves - Learning to love like Jesus by Shannon Primicerio. The book is sadly out of print but my daughter owned a copy and I found a neighbor who had a copy. (yay!) Due to some schedule challenges, we are just now going over the intro and first chapter.

Guess what the intro and first chapter reinforced? The sermon yesterday. It was so cool to read something so similar to our sermon.

And yet....

God is telling me something!!

Don't you just "love" days like that?! ☺

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