Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mom Moment #1

Our oldest child is a writer. Yes. A. Writer. God has kissed her with this talent/gift. I really believe she will touch lives through her writing. Be sure to check her out at her blog here and a blog she started with two friends she met at She Speaks Conference here.

She is also a staff writer for Real Teen Faith. Just look her up under archives.

When she told me the end of her sophomore year of high school cosmetology was in her future, I was shocked. My first reaction in my head was not pretty. What about all that money we forked out for Christian Writers' Guild program? But the good Lord has another plan for her which is going to be so much better (imagine that!). Hairstylist by day, novelist by night! I could only hear the sound of money being flushed down the toilet. A great, wise friend told me how Sarah could minister to people while they are in her chair. And you know what? My friend is right!

Sarah will have a great future because God has it all planned out for her. Why should I worry over these things? He has worked in her life with her writing. And He will continue to work through her as she ministers to those in her chair and as she writes her book(s).....for HE knows the plans He has for her.......

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  1. I am blessed to see God at work in both of your lives!!