Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hello...or as I say, "Hey!"

I guess this is the part where I introduce myself to anyone who happens upon this blog. Without going into too much detail, I started this blog as a form of creative outlet. What will be posted will be a great surprise to everyone…including me. Perhaps pictures I or my kids (IF permitted) have taken, a Bible verse, an observation or a truly embarrassing moment (let’s face it, we ALL like those stories!) and maybe a song or two from the cyber world. And since it's my blog, don't be shocked to find some “proud mom moments” posts…you’ll just need to deal with that one.

Who am I? I’m a wife, mom to three tremendous kids (shhhh, don’t tell them I said that…it is our little secret!!), we teach at home and I work part-time. I am mostly normal. I make mistakes and am not perfect by any means. I try to be positive about situations but a few stump me as I contemplate a positive spin.

You are always welcome here. Keep coming back to see what surprising adventure awaits you in the next post. I’m excited to see it unfold myself.


  1. You are now in my "favorite" folder on my computer. What has been in my heart for a very long time, now has a space on my computer!

  2. I'm excited that you started a blog! Look forward to hearing from my wise, YOUNG aunt :)