Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Up in the Air

Dancer Daughter is up in the air right now. Literally. Which has me thinking about the laws of physics. Because GRAVITY, people! Yes, I know the tube hurdling through the air is hurdling-through-the-air because of acceleration, thrust, wings and all kinds of other things I'm sure I don't understand.

Many things happen in our lives. Joys, sorrows, and 'eh' days. It's easy to have faith in the times of joy. But, when sorrows and 'eh' days hit us, that's a little harder. Those are the times I wonder. I don't lose faith; I just wonder. And, that is okay. God sets me straight pretty quickly in reminding me of all He has given and sacrificed for me (us).

So, while she is hurdling through the air at 470 knots, I have to think about the faith it took the Wright Brothers to jump in their first plane and attempt to fly. Sure, they had one of God's designs (bird) to work off of and learn from but did doubt enter their minds? I have to believe it did. But it just took one leap of faith. That is all it took.

Are you ready to leap and do what God's been laying on your heart? Nudging you?

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