Monday, February 16, 2015

In Which I Wait

Last Friday was another exciting day in the waiting room. My dad had an appointment and I knew the doctor was running behind. How did I know such things? Ummm, the amount of people in the waiting room in an office with only one doctor. And you just thought I was super smart.

The room was a bit noisy as we walked in. People talking plus the noise of a TV does tend to lend itself to noise. My dad went up to the check-in window and was met by a very nice, albeit a little too chipper, woman. She asked him how he was to which he replied he could be better. He was having a procedure he dreads so...yeah.

Side note: isn't it against some doctor office procedure to ask someone how they are doing? I mean, nine times out of ten you would not even enter doctor's office if you were feeling 100% healthy. Now you're wondering the same thing, aren't you? Unless you're a pharmaceutical rep, I think there is probably an issue going on.

Well, that launched a festive round of discussing how much we all like this doctor. And, as much as I agreed, wholeheartedly, I just wanted to read. Instead, I just smiled and nodded at the appropriate times. I may or may not have thrown in a "yeah" for good measure. My sound sensitivity (un-diagnosed) was kicking into high gear since it is a state law that doctor offices must have a TV in the corner with volume set to LOUD. (sarcasm) Soon, waiting people were slowly called into the doctor's chamber of doom. You know what I'm saying...the scales = doom. Need I say more?

My dad fell asleep waiting so I took the time to move to another chair to see the TV clearly. Hey, my dad abandoned me for sleep, there was no way to concentrate on my book with all that noise and I was learning how to make some sort of drink for Valentine's Day. I don't drink but I was trying to figure ways to make it with soda pop. There isn't a way. 

After my dad was called back for the procedure I started to smell popcorn. By this time, there was only one other person in the waiting room. So, I innocently asked, "Do you smell popcorn or is it just me?" That started a titillating round of conversation about different ways to make popcorn and the varying varieties. I was even given directions to where to buy a nutty-tasting popcorn. Don't ask me for directions. I got "lost" after "turn right before the pond". 

Now, here is the fun part. In walked a nicely dressed, young man. Not too tall, not too short...just right. He had an appointment so apparently he isn't as healthy as he looked but we can overlook that in a future son-in-law, right? Yes, I had our oldest in mind for this nice man. He was very mannerly and had a nice deep voice. Very clean cut. No ring or tan line with a ring missing. I checked. Here was the dilemma, to give him our daughter's business card or not give him her business card. That is the question.

I did what any good, bored-in-the-waiting-room mom would do. I sent her a text (at work) asking if I should give him her business card. Moms of unmarried children, unite!

While I held my breath waiting for her reply, I heard my dad. Talking to the receptionist. Setting up the date of the next appointment and procedure. I heard him say, "Any Friday" to which I sprinted leisurely walked toward the voices. I tried to open the door going into the 'chamber of doom'. It's locked. Thaaat's right. Locked. The door has a little window so I tap on it to get my dad's attention. Did I mention he is almost deaf even with two hearing aids? I finally get his attention and he clearly didn't understand the universal sign for, "open this door!"

I mean, really, I didn't want to yell at the poor man because my FUTURE son-in-law just may be watching me! The door was finally opened and I was able to re-arrange the Friday appointment in which I had plans. But, FUTURE son-in-law is in the waiting room and I haven't heard from my daughter.

I finally heard from our daughter when we were in the elevator...leaving my NOT future son-in-law in the dust. Her answer to my should-I-give-him-your-business-card question? "Take a picture and send it to me." Well, all I can say is I tried. ;)

Moral of the story: never put a bored-out-of-her-mind mom in the same room as a prospective FUTURE son-in-law! :)

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