Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Captured By Love Review

To Whomever finds this missive, 

Excuse me if I am a little queasy and have trouble with my words. I've been rocking in a canoe for a few days. You see, I've been sold to the highest bidder as a bride by my step-father, Ebenezer. And, gulp, the highest bidder is an Indian-man. I'm not sure where we are going but I'm scared. 

All I can think about is the last few months and how everything has gone terribly wrong. Is God here? Does he care? What have I done wrong to deserve God leaving me? What has happened to the man I truly love?

As long as I did what my step-father, Ebenezer. wanted everything was okay. He's a tough one to please but I tried. Boy, did I ever try. His new wife was jealous and caused me a great deal of problems. I tried to get along and not make waves. She and Ebenezer always found ways to get me in trouble and punish me. I'm not perfect but I didn't deserve his harsh treatment.

I loved helping others. And, that included someone who is like a mother to me. Miriam is almost blind now and both of her sons are away. I sneaked food to her and helped as much as I could. Food has been in very short supply ever since the British took over the island. And, if my step-father found out about sneaking food away from him, he would lock me in the attic. It's a chance I had to take.

When my mother died, Miriam took me under her wing and loved me. Treated me like family. And, her sons? Well, they were like brothers and, I, their little, following-them-everywhere-sister. So much so I became a tom-boy. I loved to fish and swim. Still do. Not a very lady-like thing to do in the Michigan Territory of Michilimackinac Island in 1814. (you may know the island as Mackinac Island)

One day, one of Miriam's sons, Pierre, came home. I loved him. Still do. But, he still treated me like the little girl he left me behind. I'm angry with him for leaving us....I mean, Miriam. After he came back we discovered our hidden love but so many things made it difficult. Like me being engage to his brother. It's a long, long story. One in which you should read. My friend, Jody, wrote it all down so I wouldn't forget.

Well, I need to keep breathing deeply to quench my stomach's desire to empty itself from the constant rocking of this little canoe. If I only knew where this Indian-man was taking me. Is there really a caring God who will take care of me even in this depressing situation? What will happen to me?

Your servant,


Filled with action, suspense, danger and clean romance, you'll find yourself neglecting your chores and maybe even thinking about calling in to work with an illness so you can find out what happens next. Author Jody Hedlund is a master story-teller in all her books.

Captured By Love is the 3rd in a series but all 3 are stand-alone novels. I highly suggest you read all of her books! I love that her books are based on a moment in history or a historical person. Her writing puts you in the time period and makes history way more fun & exciting than my history teacher in high school!

Amazon or your favorite bookstore is waiting for you to run and purchase it! If your favorite bookstore doesn't sell it, tell them to order it in for you. 

Go to Jody's website to see how to connect with her socially.

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  1. Love this, Deanna!! You are SO creative!! Maybe you should think about writing? ;-) Thank you for the sweet words about my book. I appreciate all of your support and encouragement from the very first book I wrote until now! Much love and blessings! Jody