Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Life as I know it

How was your Thanksgiving? I know it has been almost a full week since the carb loving holiday. If you are like me, that day is a little fuzzy due to the carb overload. Which, honestly, I love!

Last year, I prepared a turkey using a wet brine. This year I had this crazy idea to mix things up and try a dry brine since all I heard this year was dry brine, dry brine, dry brine. My conclusion? Dry brine is easier and less messy. While it still is moist, the turkey I made last year with wet brine was more moist. I think, IF I cook another turkey in my life time, it will be wet brine all the way. Lesson for the day: don't go with the crowd.

Dancer Daughter decorated. And yes.
Yes, those are scanners in the background.
Firefighter Boy "needs" them. Welcome to my life.
And, since I am in a sharing kind of mood (insert whinny mood), my toe hurts. I mean really hurts. This little piggy who went to market is quite fat. Now, before rumors begin among the four people who read this blog, I don't drink alcohol so I don't believe it is gout. Although I do know gout is caused by other things. I'm walking like a peg-legged pirate. Thaaat's right. I'm just missing the patch over my eye, Matey.

Maybe it's just me, but when there is an unexplained happening with my body I begin envisioning all the terrible health issues in the world today. Like flesh eating bacteria issues.  Or maybe it's just me.

You're so welcome. I know you have been waiting all of your life for a blog post such as this. Now your life won't get any better than this after reading such a riveting post. It's almost like I ruined you for any other pleasurable blog post. Almost.

How's your Christmas decorating going? We are going very minimalistic this year. Read: table decoration and a miniature tree. Which is better than last year when we had nothing decorative. And no. I don't feel guilty about last year one.single.bit. I focused on relationships more than decorations or baking last year and loved it. And, just because I like you, here is a link for a free ebook download by John Piper of daily Advent readings. You're welcome, again.

We are on an extremely tight budget this year. Extremely. You know. Things happen. Like a car breaking down in the middle of a city kind of things. And for some reason not known to man-kind, the mechanic expects a payment. I know. How rude. (just kidding!)

So I need to dust off my creativity hat. Yes, I could, if I chose, to look at pinterest. But, frankly, pinterest makes me tired. And sad. Unless there is a good tried and true recipe or handy dandy tip. But when I see all of those crafts...well, frankly, been there and done that when the children where little. Now it just makes me think how much work it would be to make this or that. Maybe it's that flesh eating bacteria eating away my energy. Yup, bet that's it. It has nothing to do with getting old. We are blaming the bacteria and that's that!

This year our extended family is giving Christmas decorations to a shelter. Decorations could be new or nicely used. Last night I finally worked up the nerve to enter the attic where said items are kept. I do not like my attic. No I do not. I do not like it when it is dark. I do not like it when it is cold. I do not like it I said a little too bold.

So I kindly asked (read ordered) hubs and Firefighter Boy to help. Let's just say it involved flashlights, a Nerf gun and yelling "cover me"! However, while we were psyching ourselves to open the attic door, Writer Girl decides to take the lead and marches right on up those stairs without a care in the world. Show off.

IF you have stuck with me through all the fascinating information above, I just feel the need to hug you. But, that would be awkward so my present to you is this video. It totally cracked me up this morning. Or maybe it is just the three Advil I popped this morning for my little swollen piggy. Enjoy some good holiday humor. Or not. I'm not the boss of you.

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