Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Turned Upside-Down

My first thought as I looked at the picture message on my cell phone last night, after getting over the need to squeeze his pudgy cheeks (he is 8# 6 oz), Babies sure have a way of turning lives upside-down!

Even before the moment of the positive pregnancy tests, our thoughts are usually consumed with thoughts of babies. Names, boy or girl, twins or more, formula or breast, should we find out the sex or wait, cloth or disposable diapers, nursery decor, do we need a larger vehicle, which baby items are proven safe. The list could go on  and on. 

Then, the moment arrives when the test actually is positive. If you are like I was it was a mixture of emotions. So happy yet a moment or two of holy cow this is really happening. More planning, more questions, more wonder at your growing belly. Concern when you start to realize not every baby is born healthy. When is the last time I felt the baby move?

Enter birthing classes. Enter realizing this baby really does need to come out and not sure you're ready for that! 

Immediate family members are also effected and happy a little baby to love and hold enters their thoughts. Well-meaning talks of what to expect or what no one told them begin to take over. 

Due date comes and go and you wonder if this child is ever going to come out. Are those Braxton Hicks or the real-get-me-to-the-hospital contractions. 

Babies can turn a world upside-down even before they enter the world.

And, once they enter this world. Watch out. That little one will capture your heart in ways you didn't think possible. That smile. The stolen moments watching the little one sleep. Cuddling. 

Then I thought of Jesus. The people waited for a Messiah to come and save them. They had hopes and dreams of an adult. Yet, God's wondrous plan was a baby to save the world. Remember how Mary and Joseph's life, and life of their parents was turned upside-down? From infancy to adulthood, Jesus turned the lives of many upside-down. Once He entered this world things were never the same again.

The thing with babies, everyone loves to love on babies. Hold them, rock them, give them grace for crying. We grow up with our babies. We, adults, think we are all grown up and know many things. 

When, in reality, we grow in faith when our baby screams all night and we don't know how to comfort them anymore after trying what seems like every possible problem. We cry out and lean on God in those moments of sheer exhaustion. 

God sure knows what He is doing, huh?! I am ever so thankful.

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