Wednesday, August 7, 2013

That & This

[I already had a blog post titled This & That so I thought I'd mix it up....yup, that's me...a big mixer-upper]

What have you been up to? Seriously, I'd love to know. 

Me? How kind of you to ask. Well, life is life and I'm sure you can relate. Can we just talk about this summer for a moment? Or should we say all together now, "What summer?"  Or maybe it's just me.

Found picture here.
Check out her site; it looks great!
Son went with his youth group to a church youth conference. In Arizona. In the middle of summer. During the massive heat. One question: who, on this planning committee, thought it was a good idea to have a conference in Arizona. In the summer. Seriously. Well, all survived so I guess that was part of the committee's end goal. Win-win for them.

We attended a wedding of a relative. Then an announcement we will have another little born early next year (not me but another relative....not the relative who just got married...phew, glad I cleared that up!)

And one day turns into another and poof ! summer is almost over. Back to school sales and items line stores and crush the dreams of endless fun and swimming for girls and boys. Way to go Back to School. I hope you're happy knowing you're stepping on fun and youth.

Which reminds this teaching at home momma. I still have a few books to order. And a notification and book list to turn in...before school starts. And, I may or may not be panicking. English. What in the world do you do for a boy who hates English? Just to clarify, he loves to speak English...just not learn about or put pen to paper. Sigh. So I avoid the cloud hanging over my head that is now yelling, "English! Decide something already!"

In other news: we just purchased the movie Not Today. If you don't know, it is a movie about human trafficking. It is still sitting in mint condition in its pristine wrapping. I'm a little scared to watch it. Honestly, I cried during a portion of the trailer. Okay, maybe a little bit more than cry. I may or may not have sobbed. I felt it was an important purchase. One, it is set in India and a daughter was there recently ministering to the children born from those in sex trafficking. And, two, it's a way to make your 'voice' heard in this world saying you're supporting this cause and know, money talks and all. 

May I just say I'm a little giddy. A new book is being released by one of my favorite authors, Jody Hedlund. Eeeek. Book nerd, I am. And, you may want to tell ALL of your book-loving friends to stay tuned to the silly, old blog as there will be a book giveaway during the first part of September. Yup, mark your calendar folks, it is going to be a good one!

What have you been up to this summer? Leave a comment telling us one (or more) fun thing you've done this summer. Or leave a comment and say, "I hear ya!" if your summer has gone poof !


  1. I was counting down the weeks this summer til we could share our big news, but now looking back the summer has indeed flown by!

    1. So happy for you two...well, three. And may your months fly by quickly so you can meet your little.

    2. Thanks, Great Aunt Deanna! :)