Tuesday, May 1, 2012


It's May first, people.
As in, "where in the world has the time gone" May first.
May. Wasn't it just January first?
May as in, "this is the last month of the school year" May.
Do I have your permission to panic?
Graduation of a senior means a party.
Graduation means a diploma to ready and sign.
Let's not talk about the transcripts. Eeek!
Assessment of a freshman which means a portfolio to finish...okay, start and finish.
I may be quiet for a while in this bloggy world.
It comes at you fast and hard at times.
I need some time to get things done.
I need to figure out a way to become less overwhelmed.
When I'm overwhelmed, I tend to not do anything because, well, I'm overwhelmed.
I don't know where to start. What to do first. So.I.don't.
Need shake this because...
the days are flying.
It's May!
I need to remember joy, peace and grace.
My dancer daughter is graduating and life is good for her.
She is following God's desire He has placed in her heart for this season.
Firefighter son is following God and putting things 'first' in the proper order. Phew!
This is a little tricky.
I don't feel peace since I'm overwhelmed.
But, I feel peace knowing God is orchestrating the important things in life.
His important things. Not mine.
I'm trying to extend takes practice, people.
I'm praying to receive it when my overwhelmingness and horromones come together at once.

Until I 'see' you again, be thankful you won't be in my home when overwhelmed and horrormones come together. What a horrifying thought! Please take a moment and pray for my family. ☺
I'll see ya when I see ya....

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