Friday, April 6, 2012

What's So Good About it?

Today is labeled Good Friday. As a child, I wondered what is so good about it if Christ died. Wouldn't another name like Sad Friday or Bad Friday be a better term. Even as an adult, I have wondered at times why is it Good Friday.

So much sadness is remembered because of the cruelty of man and what happened to Jesus. An unfair trial with a mob chanting "Crucify Him". Being tormented and torchered. His identity in question. And, let's not forget the gruesomeness that happened on that cross. [Read John 19]

But, think about it. Everything Jesus did was good. He was God/Man. Good. He did cry out to God the night before asking for God to save Him from what He knew was coming (torcher) and He went through with it. Good. Dying on the cross that day is so much deeper than Him 'dying for us'. It goes all the way back to the Old Testament.

God made a covnant with Abraham. (Read Genesis 12, 15 & 17 to get the full picture) God had told Abraham to prepare a sacrifice with the blood of animals. Then, Abraham fell into the deep sleep (God had his hand in this). Long, long story short, God walked through that blood instead of Abraham. Back then, that is how a convent was made. Christ dying on the cross was the ultimate sacrificial lamb. All through the old testament, sacrifices were being made every day...until that day on the cross. Christ was the ultimate sacrifice for us. For us.

For us. How GOOD is that?! Amazing.

Let's not forget about Christ arising from the dead. Amazing. Just as He promised. Just as He said. Christ is alive and at the right hand of God. He is alive!!!!

May you have a wonderful Easter celebrating all the things Christ has done, will do and His Presence with us as we minister to others.

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