Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Do you ever feel invisible?

You talk, but, no one seems to hear?

Your ideas, your thoughts, your feelings seem to not matter to others.

Oh, you know not every idea or thought is a good one.

But, that doesn't matter.

Respect; that matters.

Everyone just wants to be heard.

Everyone wants to feel heard.

Everyone wants to feel like someone.

Some say you do not have confidence.

Some say you need to work on your confidence.

But, does "some" ever wonder why you need to work on confidence when "some" treat you as invisible?

This isn't a rant.

This isn't a vent.

This is just one person trying to figure out why sometimes she is invisible to others...or at least feels that way.

I try to be kind.

I try to express myself in a way that isn't "hard-nosed" but gentle.

"People" may say that this feeling of invisible is "my" problem.

What shall I do, yell or get into their faces?


"Come out of your shell," some say.

I'd love to tell them to "go back into their shell" because not everyone needs to steal the show.

But I don't.

Although one day I may blow if backed hard enough into a corner.

So, I try to remember, and you should too, that when you feel invisible, just remember...

God sees you.

He is proud of you.

He is pulling for you.

Isn't He the only one who truly matters?

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