Friday, June 17, 2011

More Than A Number

I glanced at caller ID as I answered the phone.

"Good Morning, Sunshine" I said to my good friend.

She was stricken. Stricken with something that strikes fear into the lives of women everywhere...she had a doctor's appoint. An appoint that requires you to step not one, but both feet onto a scale that was calibrated by satan himself. You all know the kind. The kind that adds 10 pounds more than your scale at home. And, as a side note, the nurse takes your blood pressure right AFTER that...what is up with that all you nurses out there!

She was in a tizzy as I gently tried to remind her of all the weight she has lost recently. Yay, friend!! It is just a number and she is going to keep that scale going down and so on.

All of a sudden she cried, "I'm more than a number! I'm more than my weight, more than my blood pressure, more than my blood sugar level, more than....... My identity is not in a number but in Christ!"

YES! Why do we tend to look at the numbers in our lives and put our identity in those numbers?

Your identity is more than a number. It is more than:
• your height
• your weight
• your social security number
• your school or work locker number and combination on your lock
• it is more than the number of freckles on your nose
• your blood pressure number
• the number of facebook “friends”
• the number of followers on your blog
• the number of hair products and eye shadows you use
• the word count on your essay or your next novel
• your grade point average
• the number of followers on twitter
• your blood sugar level
• how many words per minute you can type
• the number of times your boss doesn’t or does praise you for your work
• your paycheck or what you get paid per hour
• your ACT or SAT score

Your identity isn’t in the millions of number we see and use every single day. Your identity is in Christ. You, my beautiful reader, are chosen. (1 Peter 2:9)
All of these numbers are on the "outside". But God sees our beauty, and the mess, on the inside and can't get enough of us.
Let go of all the numbers holding you back. You are more than a number!
What 'number' can you add to the list above?

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