Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Letter M

It's May. And, since the last time I posted was March, I thought it only fair to post again in a month beginning with the letter "M". I'm consistent like that. Yeah, that's it. Consistent. Or classy. Same thing.

Many things have happened this year. Mostly the same-old-same-old, yet, many changes as well. I believe this year is going to go down in the books as a year of change. The oldest child changed work locations, the middle child went to a foreign land for a few months and has returned to the states (not home-home...yet) recently, and the youngest moved out stepping closer to his dream career and will soon finish a class and begin another.

And, hubs and I? We are just trying to keep up. Well, maybe I should say I'm trying to keep up. Hubs is of the laid-back kind and takes it as it comes. Me? As my mom (and many others) would have told me if she were here today, "One day at a time."

In other news....

I'm reading:

  • Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs. I just started this and highly recommend already!
  • Love Does by Bob Goff. I, also, just started this one (I have no idea why I am reading multiple books right now but I am). Short chapters packed full of personal stories with a great lesson. Highly recommend as well. If you ever want to find great quotes...look no further.
  • On the lighter side of things in the Christian Fiction genre, I'm also reading Unexpected Family by a local author Jill Kemerer. So far so good even though I'm reading it slower than I'd like but considering I'm reading two other books at the same time and apparently my life is the year of change.... This is the first book in a series of three and I've heard each book gets better and better so I can't wait to give my undivided attention to this little one. 
  • And soon to be reading as an influencer (which means the previously mentioned books will need to take a back seat for a few days or so), Jody Hedlund's newest, Forever Safe. This is book four in her Beacons of Hope series and I am sure it will be just as great as her previous books in the series. 

I'm listening to (and maybe dancing to but I'd hate to put that image in your head...):

  • Anything and everything by the artist Sleeping At Last. His latest is the last song in the series about the five senses. It is called Sight and is something I could listen on constant repeat. Check it out! 
  • Thy Will by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family. Yes, Hillary Scott of the country group in which I can't think of the name since I can say I do not like country music and am not ashamed to admit that. Antebellum. There I thought of it! Phew. Anyway... I do have this song on constant repeat. Beautiful. Listen to! 
  • King of My Heart - this version only! This one is by Stephany Gretzinger and Jeremy Riddle. There are several King of My Heart songs out there so make sure you listen to this one. Yes, I'm the boss of you!
  • Lift Your Head Weary Sinner by Crowder never gets old. 
  • Believe me when I say there are more but I won't overwhelm you with my vast array of song choices. Or something like that. 

Have a lovely rest of the month that begins with the letter "M". 

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