Thursday, January 14, 2016

I Saw You

Dear Little Boy in front of me at the checkout,

I saw you. I saw how much you love your mom. How big of help you are to her. I, also, saw how tired your mom was - tuned out from what I imagine was a very long day.

Your younger brothers, well, you know. I'm sure it gets tiring for you as well. The grabbing, the fighting, the hitting, the screaming between those two. I could tell you are a very thoughtful person as you tried to break up the fight with the bags of candy your brothers were fighting over. When your mom said, "It's okay," as your brothers grabbed more and more from the candy bins and literally threw it on the checkout conveyor belt. You piped up, "But, I don't want you wasting your money!" I could tell you cared.

You were very helpful to the cashier as she came around the cart and scanned the items on the very bottom of the cart while your youngest brother wailed for reasons I'm sure we both couldn't figure out. Since I couldn't hear past the wailing toddler, I hope the cashier thanked you for your help.

And, loading the bags back into the cart without being asked? Whaaat?! I'm so proud of you! That was a huge help to your mom. I hope you heard my silent applause.

It's not your fault she barely acknowledged you when you thanked her for your pop. I could tell it was a very special treat. You held that plastic bottle like it was a rare piece of glass. I know this sounds redundant but, thank you for thanking her. I hope she gives you an extra long hug and kiss tonight.

I hope you know that even though we, moms, fail to tell our children how proud we are of who they are --- not what they do --- that you feel it and own it. Never stop helping. Serving others is huge.

Do you know who else saw you tonight? God. I am absolutely positive He had a huge smile on His face and a tear or two in his eyes as he watched you serve your mom. In my imagination I can see Him nudging an Angel or two saying, "Look at my child. Look at him. I'm so proud of him!"

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