Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some Weekend

Oh my dear friends. Some weekends are full of busyness. Some are a blessing of much needed rest and downtime. This weekend, however, has run a gamut of feelings.

Most of you know, if you've been reading long or personally know me, that our Dancer Daughter is in a foreign land. Nepal to be exact. Yes, the same Nepal that had the major earthquake. 

Saturday morning I woke up early. Yes, I'm old and sleeping in is really a young person's sport. I'm in the habit of getting on the internet first thing in the morning. Don't judge. It's how I wake up. There's nothing like the bright light from the computer to get one going. Since our daughter is in a different time zone, if she emails me there is one waiting for me in the morning. 

Facebook has this thing called Trending which I normally ignore. Of course that morning I had to look. First line read Kathmandu Nepal earthquake... Let's just say the blood from my face drained like it did when Writer Daughter called me telling me she was in an accident. Because EARTHQUAKE. Because buildings tend to FALL when the earth shakes. Because THIRD-WORLD country. Moms, can I get an "I hear ya" when your mind goes someplace you don't want it to go?!

After calling my husband into the room and telling him, I furiously typed a message to one of the staff of the organization who remained stateside. I didn't know if she knew yet since it was early in the morning and well, she is young and can actually sleep in on a Saturday. Within thirty minutes she responded that she was just seeing this as well and calling the director (also stateside). 

In the meantime I found another post by the organization in which Dancer Daughter staffs telling of the earthquake and the team is safe. And, a few minutes later I heard the same news from the staff person I made contact with. My fear turned into gratefulness. 

Yes, of course a plethora of concerns rolled through my head after hearing of their safety and I had to remove myself from the internet. All the what-ifs. Then my mind went back to a post I wrote on this blog before they left for the foreign land. It was something God showed me while I was in the midst of fear because of all the terrible things happening in the world. 

All I can do is trust she is in God's mighty, strong, and powerful hands. All one can do is pray. And, prayer is everything!

As I prayed for her (and the others) and their protection, God allowed me to see a huge 'army' of extremely tall Angels surrounding them in this foreign land. Yet, it wasn't just them in this fortress of protection. People of that land were in the circle with them. I saw smiles and heard laughter even with the dreaded language barriers. And, I saw an agape* love. As the group moved, so did the Angels. Some Angels were turned in watching, some were turned out, guarding.

I prayed for the group going to have a strong sense of the Holy Spirit. To move when the Spirit whispers, "Move." To stop (immediately) when the Spirit shouts, "Stop!" To be so in-tune with God that every whisper, every song of laughter, every ungraceful movement, every bit of eye contact with others will be a Holy Moment and God will shine through bright and beautiful as He smiles at their hearts.
I don't know why God protected the team and not the thousands who died. I don't know. I can't even begin to wrap my mind around that. However, I do have faith that the church in that country and others will show up in big ways. Ways that only God can provide. It's the only way to make any sense out of the tragedy. 

Here is a great way and a safe way to give money to the rebuilding of Nepal if you are interested. Click on  this  and 100% of your donation will go to Nepal!! Or here until May 15 for a really cool t-shirt!

Our daughter is still there. There are aftershocks. All I can do is pray. I've already warned her when she comes home-home we are coming inside the airport (aka pay a ridiculous amount of money to park a vehicle) and to prepare herself for a proper hug.

And, Firefighter boy became an adult today. I blinked. I admit it. How can it be our youngest is a senior in high school and about to graduate? So, we do what my family does well...we ate our way through his birthday weekend. 

I may have been stress eating just a tad. ☺

So, how was your weekend? ☺

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