Monday, December 8, 2014

When it doesn't seem fair

I'm sorry. I'm sorry your team didn't get in the final tournament. I'm sorry if you are a player for a team that didn't do well. It's very disappointing. It's okay to feel that way....for a time. What ifs won't help. Look ahead, not behind. Easier said than done? You bet.

I'm not belittling your feelings. I'm not. Really. Everyone has disappointments. Everyone has failures. Most of us want to cry when things are hard. It's okay. It's hard for you, right now. Give yourself some time.

When I'm going through 'stuff', I find it helpful to look outside of myself and my circumstance:

  • I'm loved by the King, the Creator of the universe and me. Will I have trials? You bet. It's a fallen world.
  • Others have it far worse:
    • Homelessness
    • Being sold into slavery - here and in other countries
    • Illnesses that are not curable or seem to drag on forever
    • Racism and reverse racism
    • All sexual sins
    • Wondering where and when the next meal will come from
    • Loss of a job and can't find work
    • Not being able to provide gifts for your children
    • Pain that will not go away no matter the medication
    • Loss of loved ones through death, kidnapping, estranged relationship
    • and the list could go on and on....
  • This trial will make me stronger, braver, help me understand others better and will change me even if I can't see the joy in the situation at the moment. 
  • Perhaps God will use this time in my life to help someone who is or will be going through the same thing I am.
A little dose of perspective always helps me. 

What are some things you do or think about when going through a rough patch?


  1. Great points and very encouraging. We need to be more like Pollyanna :)

  2. As much as Pollyanna is made fun of in society today, I agree. Yes, life is hard and it's not fair but we can't dwell in the negatives. Every now and then we (insert I) need to list positives to stay sane! :)