Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's slow down

Dear June,

Where did you go? Seriously. One minute you were all fresh and spiffy. Now, you're old and tired. All in the span of thirty days. You may want to consider taking vitamins. It, also, seems to me, you just don't care to listen to the voice of the masses (or reason) when the world yells, "Slow down!"

You've been full of ups and downs. Frustration and discontent. Hot and cold. Beautiful days when I was stuck in an office (please work on your timing!). You even threw in one of the most disgusting smells known to man-kind. Skunk....for three nights in.a.row. Thanks, June. Just thanks.

God did throw in some beautiful sunsets, June. I'm not really into looking in the East upon awakening so I really can't honestly say anything about sunrises. But, June, if you tell me God did that then I'll have to chose to believe you. 

June, did you ever notice how we, humans, like to complain? It's hot. It's cold. It's too dry. It rained too much. Yeah, I noticed that, too. Maybe some of that is causing my discontent at the moment. 

Most of all, I'm tired, too. So, I guess I understand your rush in handing over the baton to July. I mean after all, May has a holiday. July has a holiday. What do you, dear June, have? Well, you do have Summer Solstice. And, although it is widely recognized, it isn't a national holiday. And, to be honest, national holidays, for most, equal a non-work day. And, we I love non-work days. 

Next year, let's both work on slowing down. Enjoying each day we are given. Find and remember what is most important. I haven't had success in that lately. Time is ticking faster and faster. Promise me you'll try to slow down. 

For now, let's welcome July joyfully as you hand over the reigns. And, June, would you please tell July to not be in such a hurry and just enjoy. Oh, and tell July to pass that along to the other months as well. 

As my lovable, bouncy friend Tigger says, "Ta-ta for now!"

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