Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Breath Holding Moments

By now, I'm sure you've watched or heard about Aly Raisman's parents reactions during her Olympic gymnastics performance on the uneven bars. In case you missed it, watch and enjoy.

(I just discovered this video is no longer available. The International Olympic Committee has blocked the video on youtube due to copyrights. I guess this video may be some sort of breech of security, huh?! ;-P Sorry if you didn't get to see it. The parents are so into their child's performance they do not even know they are holding their breath and moving like they are on a roller coaster ride without being seat belted in!)

Yes, it is quite humorous. Yet, it got me thinking.

How many times have we, as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, held our breath while our child has performed? We squirm, inwardly groan or nervously tap our foot. We want our child to succeed in life in general.

Is it the same way with God? Is He holding his 'breath' as we go out into the world? Does He cheer when we accomplish something we only dreamed of doing?

And, dare I say, I bet He is shoutin' so loud He scares a few angels?! :)

God is our greatest and best cheerleader. Smiling down on each one of us. Throwing us a good measure of grace when needed. Picking us up when we fall. And, perhaps even crying all the while He is wiping our tears.

Smile and let your heart be filled with joy. God is smiling down on you!

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