Sunday, October 16, 2011


Time. Where in the world does it go? I'd say "time flies" but I know you'd just roll your eyes. I know because I just rolled my own eyes!

My family went on a trip last week. Writer/Cos Daughter had to go to a city 3 hrs away to take her boards, which she passed!!! PTL!!! Phew, that is a huge weight lifted off her and our shoulders. She even has a job. Now, to get clients!

We went to a large zoo [in which I totally embarrassed my children...yes!], shopping [which I will admit I hate to do...I know, I know, someone out there needs to pray for me!], eating out and more eating out. It was a fun time of swimming at the hotel and just vegging out at times. We all needed some time away.

While we were gone, I started a book called There You'll Find Me by Jenny B Jones. It's genera is young adult Christian fiction but this non-YA just loved the story. I felt sad, happy, excited, name it. It's story line is a little different than how she normally writes. However, I never regreted buying this book. Go get your own copy, demand your local, friend librarian stock the library shelf with this book, or, download it on your e-reader. Don't just sit there, do one of those options! :)

Those of us in this family who have jobs need to return to that place of work tomorrow. Ugh. I'm not ready. Can't we all just plant money trees in our backyards?! I'm not ready for the pile of work waiting for me. I still want to do what I want, when I want, how I want. Oops...sort of sounded like a toddler, huh?

Well, have a great week!

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