Wednesday, August 3, 2011


What do you hear?

Really listen. What do you hear?

I hear my computer fan running, keyboard clicking, our son stomping up the stairs with a clunk of the dog food server, the door shutting as he goes out to feed the dog, a train rumbling in the background, my cell phone text alert chiming.....  And, if the house windows were open, I'm sure I'd hear that same bird who thinks it is his job to annoy me in the mornings while I'm trying to sleep! [I guess this is where I am thankful for hot, humid weather and an air conditioner!]

We used to play a game when our children were younger. It was the listen game. We would tell the kids to be really quiet and listen. Then, they were to tell us what sounds they heard. Why did we play this game? Sometimes it was played so I could hear something other than loud, playful children [a sound I normally love but there were days when three children grew to deafening decibels!]. But, most of the time we played the game so our children could learn the art of listening...hearing things that are always there but we end up never hearing because it is common occurance.

Saturday, our son and I were in the swimming pool. Normally on a Saturday it is pretty noisy outside. Lawn mowers, cars and trucks going down the road. Neighbors working on weekend projects, a farmer in his field.... However, for around five minutes there was none of that...except for a mower in the far distance and the trickle of water as we floated.

No wind whistling through the trees, no hammers or electric tools, no cars/trucks, no birds squawking, and no train whistles and rumblings. Nothing. Just us and the clouds.

I was afraid to break the silence but I wanted to make sure our son really 'heard' the silence. He did.

Too soon, the silence was broken and we continued to play the cloud shape game with laughter.

Four days later I am still in awe of that silent moment. It makes me think of being silent before God. I am not good at that. I sit or lay and try...really. Then, the piles of laundry, dirty house, and 'oh, I forgot to put that on the grocery list' keep popping in my head.

God is waiting here. Waiting to talk to me....and sometimes just being silent with me. Waiting for me to talk to Him. I fail. But, God in His perfect ways does find ways to talk to me. I just think I need to be more available in those silent times.

Aren't you glad we can fail and God still adores us?! Is it hard for you to be silent and listen?

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